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The simple truth of making money online is this:-

"You need quality traffic and a large responsive mailing list of your own".

Now you can learn the real secrets to increasing your web site traffic, and receive a comprehensive report on how to create a viral explosion which will build you a huge responsive mailing list, and build you massive downlines of active members!

Let's face it...there are hundreds of books on the Internet that supposedly show you ways to generate traffic. Unfortunately, most, if not all, require a comprehensive understanding of computers, and in many cases, HTML and web design.

Not only that, they can cost you upwards of $100 just to buy them.

"How To Generate Massive Amounts of Traffic on a Shoestring Budget", will not only give it to you straight but, this book is so easy to understand that even if this is your FIRST day online with a computer, you will be able to understand how to drive thousands of visitors to YOUR new website.


Read what just a few people are saying...

Gary you did it again.
Your book is Awesome. My downline just keeps growing. If it works for a retired, 71 year old Machinist, I am sure a child could succeed.

Keep up the good work and thank you for helping people like me.

Richard Hefter

I was a complete novice on the internet... in fact, the thought of building a business on the internet scared the life out of me! It is so confusing and technical that I deliberately stayed away from it.

But when Gary Kidd guaranteed to have me up, running AND understanding this business I decided that I had nothing to lose by reading his "Shoestring" book and following the simple to follow instructions.

Guess what! All I did was follow the instructions, watch the fantastic tutorials and within ONE HOUR I was up, running AND understanding what to do... and I was even doing it!

WOW! Is my business going to explode or what!

Thanks Gary - you've totally changed my outlook on building on the internet.

S Bourne. Essex. England
Maximum Leverage Training

It's refreshing to come across an ebook that explains in easy to understand language exactly how to get the best out of Start Page programs.

There's a wealth of sensible information which will enable beginners and more experienced marketers to build a large downline of quality members in a reasonably short time span.

The book does not just confine itself to traffic programs, but includes a variety of other ways to send traffic to your web site, most of them free or very low cost.

Don Driscoll
Zero Cost Marketing


I read your e-Book and found it to be very easy to follow. The explanations and the how to's were excellent! You have made it so simple to follow I don't think anyone would have trouble using it.

Your Friend,
Bob Foster

Thank you Gary for this really simple to understand book. The videos are truly brilliant and so easy to follow. I am really looking forward to building my business using these simple technqiues.

C. Burton - FL. USA

Beneficial this information most certainly has been, and will continue to be for the future, although this is not used presently I am sure after my first business setup, I will form a prosperous range of ebooks, of which many I am currently preparing for future publication.


Tammy Dickinson.


I am a newbie and now I have this information in my hand, I am sure I will become a real success. Thanks Gary for this valuable information and I can't beleive it is free!

D. Witherton - Norfolk, England

"How To Generate Massive Amounts Of Traffic On A Shoestring Budget" is completely FREE to download.

You will also get access to over $2000 worth of extra bonuses.

I will also send you a series of emails showing you exactly how to profit from the simple effective techniques in this book.

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How To Generate Massive Amounts Of Traffic On A Shoestring Budget

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