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This is not a low funded operation that takes forever, or doesn't work. PARIS was founded by a top marketing professional. See the website testimonies from bankers, investors, entrepreneurs, all who’ve succeeded with PARIS. I hope you will join us right now, and see your circumstances improve today! Come on board, we'll all join hands together on a successful cruise!

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Now, You Can Earn Thousands of Dollars Per Week
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“Discover How a 12-year Debt-Free Company Has Automated &
Refined Everything that Causes 90% of Home Businesses to Fail...
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The Prosperity Automatic Residual Income System (PARIS)



There is only one thing you need to do right now...


Because you’ve been conditioned by the things you dislike about traditional business opportunities, it may be difficult for your brain to accept what you are about to experience.


But, unless you want to continue your life searching and hoping for more money, more time and more freedom... there remains just one thing you must do to make today’s search actually pay off for you.


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Here’s why the Prosperity Automatic Residual Income System is
so radically different than anything you’ve ever seen


“Prosperity Automatic Residual Income System”


Traditional Business Opportunity


PARIS is a 100% turn key business you can ‘manage’ in ONLY 5 MINUTES PER WEEK! You do nothing else but wait for your results... when the system tells you that it just received another sale for you. Expect your check to arrive soon.


Most people cannot find enough time to work their regular job AND promote another business that requires countless hours per week in advertising, promoting, selling, convincing, conference calls, meetings, learning, training, etc.


PARIS will promote any business, product, or service - if you have one. You will have a long list from which to choose. ... It may even promote your current business. Gain more leverage from the fully automated system and extract even more income without dedicating more of your precious time!


Other opportunities typically see this as competition or a conflict of interest. If you do promote two businesses, you may have to spread your time thin between each, when making just one of them successful is painful enough.


While we cannot guarantee your earnings, we will do everything we can to help you earn daily income. With PARIS YOU WILL PROFIT ... or you get 100% of your money back, plus free advertising, plus additional bonuses worth thousands of dollars as you learn the system to make your profit. PARIS pays you again and again, as long as your business operates successfully. Enjoy the most favorable terms.

We will give you complete instructions to show you how to operate the business successfully in our newsletters, updates, and conferences with you.

If other companies offered you guaranteed profits, you wouldn't take them seriously. That is because PARIS has quality products and excellent service, while affiliates endeavor to build good relationships. -No company in the world will succeed like ours by making false guarantees or using deceptive practices. See for yourself... We are the best. .


In PARIS you will be working closely with highly professional Market Leaders who will help you build your business, contact leads, and close sales for you and they’re consistently immersed in the sales process every day, keeping them sharp and effective. The PARIS system sends you generous returns consistently up to $2,000 or $4,000 per sale depending on the products.


Elsewhere, YOU have to sell or you don’t get paid! Most businesses pay pennies on the dollar for low priced products that require massive sales volume before you’ll ever see your first $1,000 (if ever). In addition to that you may be required to produce business by purchasing more and more leads, products, and marketing services when you don't really have to do so, except to profit the 'top tier'. This is not an MLM, Ponzi scheme, or scam that will not pay you a penny when you spend enormous time working on it.


When you look closely at PARIS, you will agree that PARIS is a highly profitable business opportunity that works for you. PARIS does 100% of the manual labor via highly advanced technological systems, skilled, trained, and highly professional business leaders in their industry WHO KNOW SALES PERSONALLY. And the PARIS automated software system does the rest!


You rely on yourself or your sponsor. But the real performers are often too busy to help. Those who can help may also need as much assistance as you. They may not know what to do. So, they keep you waiting. Or they don't tell you the real reasons for their success, because they want to keep it a secret.


PARIS does all the advertising for you through already profit-proven sources, tested company-wide.


Elsewhere, YOU place (and pay for) your ads. You take on all the work and financial risk of trying something new.


PARIS drives fresh, targeted traffic to your website (provided for you). Leave the traffic generation to the automated system!


You are responsible for the ongoing, time-consuming (often frustrating) task of driving traffic to your website.


PARIS sorts through prospects for you and identifies the real potential buyers – finds the serious people with money to spend.


You get a partial system, at best. You still must prospect, qualify, sell and deal with procrastinators who agonize over money.


Explains PARIS to your prospects, and answers their questions to precision, increasing the chance that they buy now. And you don’t have to sell or speak a word!


YOU explain and answer questions. Starting out, your limited knowledge or any hesitation can easily cost you sales when you need them the most.


PARIS Business Leaders are available to reply to your prospects within minutes (while they’re hot and most likely to purchase) with a courteous, polished, professional presentation that they can practically deliver in their sleep


Your prospects are either neglected until their enthusiasm dies (because you can’t be available on a whim), or they might get an “off-the-top-of-your-head” presentation that doesn’t cut it because you don’t do it all day, every day.


With PARIS, you’re in business within 24 hours! And we start advertising for you instantly. Then, you relax as your guaranteed “no-effort” profits roll in.


*Snap* and you’re in business. But now what? Nothing happens until YOU make it happen. Do you have the sales savvy AND the spare time & money to commit to it?


With PARIS you can earn a huge profit with minimal advertising expenses. PARIS has free advertisement and network marketing available. With $300 a month in advertising expenses ... an already proven ad source built in to PARIS, you may see your returns multipy ten to a hundred times to $3000 a month and upto $30K. And if it does not return your original investment, we may ... return your money! ... You get your money back without any problem! ... More about the PARIS business opportunity ...


No guarantees. You likely dump hundreds of dollars (or more) into ads that promises nothing in return for your time, stress and money. Most businesses fail in this critical early stage... before getting off the ground. And the owners and investors (and you?) are left with empty pockets – or buried in debt!


PARIS is backed by a 12-year, debt-free company that has built an impeccable track record and reputation on the values of ethics and integrity. PARIS is here to stay.


Few companies ever make it through a decade. Most that do are still in debt. 90% of home businesses fail to earn back their start up expenses. Can you afford such risks?


With PARIS, failure is NOT AN OPTION!


Elsewhere, failure is almost inevitable.


At just 5 minutes a week (and the rest done for you), you could almost earn ultimate wealth, and have the home of your dreams, a vacation cruise... Apply only if you want to be a winner.


In most cases, the work is exhausting. The rejection is humiliating. The success rate is embarrassing.


You owe it to yourself, your family, and your unfulfilled dreams and goals to find out if this is for you. There’s no obligation to investigate this further... but if you don’t, the costs could be catastrophic.

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Why would you go elsewhere?...
... and gamble with such frightening risks?
... suffer that kind of frustration?
... and let yourself and your family down?
... It does not have to be that way.



Here’s what’s so exciting about it all... you get the time and freedom instantaneously. Then, the money comes swiftly. You DO NOT have to give up your time or sacrifice freedom before you’re rewarded with the money.




So, what are we waiting for? Let's GET STARTED.

Your Countdown to Freedom: 12 minutes remaining


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your past experience will have you believe.








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