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Hi Folks! Read and study this excellent e-book if you want to know how to make money on the Internet! It really cuts through all the baloney and tells  you ways to earn money without spending your entire savings to get started.  The truth about MLM opportunity is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started making a million.  He tells it in a way that qualified prospects will find immediately rewarding. Without exaggeration this e-book builds a compelling case for the freedom and lifestyle owning your own cash business can provide.

If you are committed to changing your lifestyle and developing your own business, improving your present situation, and helping others to overcome adversity financially, you need to read this e-book and apply its principles of success.  It outlines a step-by-step procedure to make that change."


"Build your own business empire by recruiting millions in affiliate markets.  This  e-book by the Millionaire Maker will tell what it’s all about – successful marketing.  It will teach you exactly what steps you need to take and what you need to know to reach your customers, while creating a huge daily income.  Generate a six figure income in Internet markets almost automatically!  Here’s what you need to know to DO IT right now!  Whether you are a serious professional or a new entry to Network Marketing, CCN will show you the development of highly effective technology in the 21st century that you need to know whether you want to build your contact list and work with highly profitable target markets or follow up previous customers.  Learn the latest systems to find qualified leads and how to use these marketing systems to build your own exciting business.  The Bottom Line is that you make money!

Although nothing takes the place of earning daily income in highly profitable markets with exceptionally valuable products and great companies with which to  work, CCN tells you how to deal with the the human element in a timely and effective manner, so that you earn profits and do not become discouraged with poor business practices, fraud, and deception.  He turns the situation on head by showing you ways to build your business and multiply your income with good organization, ethical practices, and strong showings.  Use completely automated audio/video presentations that explain entirely the training and products…, CCN provides exact details to show you how to put High Tech and High Touch in gear together to create massive results. Now, apply the principle of ACTION, and you have a winning formula that never quits making you money...!  Don’t stop now!  Take a chance by signing up and becoming a CCN Affiliate"

-Rolfe H. Green, President of CCN

"This way shows you how to build your business without completely relying on ‘marketing professionals’ and so-called business gurus who’s only interest is to take your money upfront and leave you in a stitch.  CCN has published a business newsletter and e-books that will help your through the difficulty of network marketing and sticks with you to the end.  Learn from someone who has tried everything!  Tasted Failure, Got Back Up, and Started Down The Road To Financial Freedom,  Built Success Into His Business,  so that you can learn from his experience and profit from the wealth of knowledge.  Anyone can do it…  You don’t have to rely on the market professionals again and the awry business practices of large corporations again! This book will become the Standard Operating Procedure of Network Marketing.  Don’t waste your time and money with high flying business enterprises that lead you nowhere…  You need not fail by learning these principles and well founded Recruitment Steps. The statement of purpose says it all.

How did you come with this books when every one else seems to be going the wrong way?  This e-books will put to rest the doubters in Internet business, and place on a strong footing good relationships in business:  This guy will show average people how to make a million with a small start. In the future this e-book will bereuired reading for every body who wants to know how to avoid the pitfalls, stay in touch with his market, and enjoy every minute of it, while making money time and again…  It should be on every body’s list of required reading – for those of you who are very serious about making money online! Don’t waste any more time with other programs that lead nowhere. "

- Keeping the Faith

"In this time when every one is desiring to make millions, but no one seems to ‘get it’, this e-book definitely gets the big picture, And How!  Read it again and again, and apply its principles! "Start Earning Millions On Your Way To Recruiting Huge Affiliate Markets” shows The Way… to recruit an highly effective organization almost over night…It’s the perfect book to duplicate and multiply your business interests in any network market…..!

It’s a ‘Done Deal’.

I must say this: when I  first heard about these business opportunities two years ago, I found it hard to believe you could earn $1,000 - $3,000 dollars a day, until I met the mentors in this business who were making millions at it themselves…  First I met amillionare sponsor, then highly professional CEO’s who were both millionaires, then numerous associates, while I was barely scraping by… earning less than my monthly expenses!  These hard earned techniques which CCN teaches you – free – provide guidance that could help anyone to earn $30,000 a month, andyo can start up free….

These techniques, programs, and guidance have helped others reach $35,000 a month, and they were just getting started! The best is yet to come. Now, thanks to this amazing e-book, you can get immediate help building hugedownlines the same way others got help to do the same.  The market is still practically untapped, and you have a great opportunity to succeed with it... What a way to start a great business, and share it with other people who need it just as badly as I did!

I hope you are grateful for this opportunity to work with true leaders… and benefit from it, too.

- Earn Daily Income

"This is not about building your business for the upper echelons ofMLM’s or …  working hard to build a business that only profits ‘the heavy hitters’  I know a lot of business that get a lot of people to join in online mlm’s="">, but few other than the heavy hitters, really make any money in it…  Now, you have taken that information from the ones who earn in the high six figures and even seven figures to teach us how to do it exactly the way they did, but with even better results in most cases!  Your e-book will lead the way to many people becoming millionaires at last!  -Without doing it at the expense of others, too!

During a long career in the online and in the MLM business I have read countless opportunities go by the wayside, because the programs had poor products, or the managers were corrupt, or the marketing system lacked substance.  But these techniques mostly promoted by highly successful marketing professionals are sure to make a difference in the average person’s life and these business practices will show you not only how to be smart in the street sense but also wise in the business sense long term…  This is a really attractive business opportunity that any one can do.  Even I can compete and I am no pro athlete/businessman!

- Friends make money, too.

This e-book is not full of ‘testimonials’ by upline members who receive money for making them…  Nor is it just a lot of hog wash by < producers When you implement these techniques which you find in the CCN Business Newsletters and E-Books, your phone will definitely ring off the hook.  And not only that people will answer it, and you will definitely make a sale, whether you are there or not.  That’s how the CCN PARIS (Prosperity Automatic Residual Income) program works for you.  There is no selling, no hype, now wasting time with ‘information products’ that are not real products anyway,  lack< marketing systems, and provide no business solutions.  Here you have business solutions that lead you your making profits, so that you earn Daily Income to the millions.  This is exactly the way it should be done, so that even the ‘little man’ can benefit by it if he applies the principles of success outlined in the material! Why waste hours and hours training people who leave your group because they lack commitment, have no good products, and avoid training like a plague because it’s not enjoyable and they feel like they are being force-fed by big wigs…  This e-books teaches you how to build your business with people like yourself!

- It costs an absolute minimum to get started in Daily Income

This book will give new folks and seasoned vets a highly productive tool to help every new person succeed in building his business.
Learn how to build residual income in even highly congested markets by maneuvering your way through the traffic!"

-  Use Traffic Swarm


"You’re on your way to making millions when you use the program in this publication without a doubt.  This e-book outlines ways to build your contact list and moves you beyond the startup point to develop your business in a professional, honest way that brings results upon results.  Even if you market every day, day after day, if you do not apply these principles, you are likely to come up short following someone else’s unproven business tactics.   Without an A+ training and mentoring system you are likely to get nowhere rather than recruit your way to millions.  Learn how to generate massive traffic and increase conversion rates overnight with higly effective marketing and promotional techniques which you can apply to your advertisement campaign from day one…  Reach highly profitable markets first hand, and break the endless cycles of pointless training sessions ,  endless conference calls, and expensive promotional aids, that don’t help you build your own business in the end.  Now you have the tools in your hands to build your own automated money machine!"

- Network With

"There are other programs which show you only some aspect of the training, or recruitment techniques, but this E-book completes the picture by showing you specific ways that you can build affiliate markets with Fortune 500 companies, highly professional business people who are experts in their field, and other recruits…  “Starting on your way to earning a Million while recruiting Huge Affiliate Markets” speaks to the issues…  It’s what we have been waiting to hear…  It’s the best e-book in the most professional venue in online marketing from someone who has known the pitfalls as well as the heights of success! Why? Because it’s basic, grass roots, ethical, professional, and to the point about Network Marketing without being trite.  It’s about moving beyond the most basic level to perform at high speed in a technological market that rewards real performance."

This book will give new folks and seasoned vets a highly productive tool to help every new person succeed in building his business.
Learn how to build residual income in even highly congested markets by maneuvering your way through the traffic!"

-  Use Traffic Swarm

"This is unbelievably great.  These guys have put together millions of dollars worth of products and $100,000 worth of software tools in a whole range of affiliate markets in which you can participate right away!!!”

"  These businesses are not only marketed on the Internet, but across the spectrum of the media:  newspapers, magazines, radio, T.V., and This e-book  goes beyond the call of duty.  Maybe, it’s not for bureaucrats, and it might offend some middle of the roaders who want to go nowhere at the expense of others…  But it sure makes a REAL difference to business owners who will never be taken for a ride again…  Don’t let others take advantage of you with sub-par programs that have no results and don’t give a business address.  This one cuts through all that nonsense, and gives you specifics upon which you can rely…  Let CCN cut  through all that hype, impractical theories, false expectations, and negative motivations of all the so-called MLM "gurus.”  This will present you with an honest to goodness, completely straightforward approach to difficult business problems, and give you easily understandable business solutions that you can apply each day ,  a "nuts-and-bolts" blueprint for success in any network
market.  Apply the concepts in this e-book and YOU WILL SUCCEED LIKE A MILLIONAIRE!"

- Millionaire Maker

"Even at an early age people are earning six-figure incomes, and you can, too.  With this books you can multiply your income by helping others do the same with their business.  Thanks for the inspiration!   Get started right away.  You’ll be glad you did!

This training is spectacular in every way, and it’s FREE!  That’s the thing that’s hard to believe! Have Everyone you know read it, and start earning daily income by duplicating your own business right away! "How to earn Millions by recruiting Huge Affiliate Markets" is very insightful.  So look forward to it!"

- Affiliate Markets

"Hello CCN Affiliates!

If you have a chance to subsribe to CCN Affiliates, read this tremendous Business Newsletter and E-Book about the Millionaire Maker and How to start earning Millions by recruiting Huge Affiliate Markets!  It’s something in which everyone can take part successfully! It’s a great opportunity for everyone concerned.  .

It offers a list of concise, step-by-step instructions to build your own business, recruit in affiliate markets, and enjoy highly profitable markets.  It will bring success to your doorstep almost overnight.  You can find out ways to receive cash directly in your mailbox,   in your own bank account, 100% profits in your pocket.  I can't wait to distribute this e-book to my members so that everyone enjoys the momentum in brings to your business.  It’s amazingly well done."

- Turnkey System

"If you think this is great, wait till you see what is in the program.  These highly professional trainers and sales organizations are built for speed.  So, put on your best suit, and track shoes, to hit the ground running…  It’s a high speed, truly dynamic marketing environment with rewards to match. These business tools plug your business into the most highly profitable marketing systems available.  Take it or leave it, I think it’s the easiest way to build a successful startup company."

- Nothing but the best.

"Why spend your money on expensive marketing systems that don’t work, or throw your money away on guru’s and experts who have no real business experience anyway and can’t teach your how to drink water from an oasis in a desert.  You’re just left stranded anyway.  CCN will help you start your business free, give you exact step by step instructions to build it, and point you in the right direction to immediately enjoy success in your endeavors…  You can’t beat that.   Earn daily income, enjoy health benefits, and travel.  You can even make money while you’re asleep!  And it’s easy to get started.  What are you waiting for?  

I am glad I joined when I did, as I would hate to think about what I was missing…  This e-book shows the way to build a successful business without a lot of complicated theories about motivation,   corporate advertisement, and so called marketing strategy.  It will show you exactly how to succeed in building residual income with affiliate markets that you probably never knew even exist…  It’s the best without a doubt.  

-Let’s Get Started!

"This is not about intimidation or predatorial marketing strategies or any other nonsense that comes along.  CCN provides tried and true methods to build your own establishment with great affiliates.  It conveys the idea that people, especially big business want you to succeed.  You just have to step up to the plate!  It’s not about ‘recruiting millions and millions’ who are not interested just to find a few.  He will show you ways to work in profitable markets where the recruiting is practically done for you.  All you have to do, basically, is apply common sense.  It’s not a mystery, and you don’t have to believe me.  See for yourself.

If you want to find the best mentors, the best programs…  If you want to earn the highest profit margins, then you have to learn from Millionaires what they do in affiliate markets.  Earn residual income by providing exception service with valuable products guided by efficient training systems.

CCN will show you where to get started and what you have to do…  How to reach your goal of financial freedom!"

- It’s your turn to ‘Make A Million’, and you can do it.

Designed by CCN
Proven MLM Success Secrets Finally revealed!
Do you want to Make A Million?  

Multi Million Dollar Marketing Professionals, who are highly successful in billion dollar business markets, will show you the way to earn millions of dollars by using their simple business techniques.  They will teach you EXACTLY how to apply them to Easily Recruit Armies of New Business Prospects that brought them huge wealth automatically.   

Learn their affiliate secrets to build your own massive business on a shoestring budget!  They will give you the exact details of their highly successful business systems to employ yourself.  USE THEIR SYSTEMS WITHOUT FAIL to find highly productive recruits who build your enterprise to immense proportions while earning daily income!  Find out why the revolutionary PARIS (Prosperity Automatic Residual Income System) can't be beat!


Start earning Millions by recruiting a huge army of affiliates.



"These remarkable Millionaires Show You The Exact Techniques They Use Everyday To Make Millions In Network Marketing — And Reveal How You Can Achieve The Very Same Levels... In Only Weeks!"



Points To Ponder

How serious are you about marketing your own business to millions…  As you know most businesses fail in the first two years, whether they are online or not.  And 95% of the people who start online businesses quit in the first year, or fail… 

So, if you are thinking about starting a successful business online and making millions, then you will have to think seriously about it, which is to say know what you’re doing.  Or “Know Thyself.”  You are in for a big disappointment if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And what is the best way to know what you’re doing?  Well, you got it.  Know someone who does…

If you haven’t had any success in making money online and spent a lot of money trying, then you’re in good company.  Your willingness to try again, and look at the Millionaire Maker is destined to bring you success.  

But you can not make progress in a new venture by trying the same old tricks that failed in the past.  If you continually struggled in the past with MLMs and other online business ventures, then it’s time you made a complete turnaround. 

While we understand how you feel entirely…  It’s insight that leads to success while experience will lead you to failure again and again…  I did for years. But now I’m about to show you a highly effective marketing system that will absolutely astonish you, i. e. change any misconceptions you may have had about professional online marketing systems.  And you will be surprised how basically simple it is…  It’s so simple you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I think of that before I experienced so much failure?”  Because, you see, failure only teaches you not to try again.  Not that success is that hard when you find the right formula. 

Now, it’s time for you to make a complete turnaround and go from failure to success, from barely making it, to making a million, from being
poor to becoming a millionaire in a very short period of time.  Are you ready to say goodbye to all the disappointment and despair, so long to all the mind numbing duties, back-breaking labor, the fruitless hours of missed opportunities, and the endless uphill battles?  Good-bye forever? Are you prepared to say ‘Hello to Success’?  ‘Travel’?  And ‘Residual Income’ that lasts forever?  Then read on, or Get instant access now...

Learn about an endless business.

Recruit Millions
Best Business
From the Desk of Fred P. Stege  
  Monday March 12, 2007

Future CCN Affiliate,

This is not a get rich quick scheme or a fly by night adventure.  We’ve already seen all those.  And we’ll show you how to avoid missteps.  If you have been working diligently, and still haven’t built an income producing down line, then you’re in for a big surprise!  No more down line duds! Are you constantly paying for marketing ventures that promise to recruit your down line for you without effort on your part and to make your MLM or network marketing opportunity really pay off? It’s like giving your money away…  Well, when you’re sick and tired of not making any money, or seeing any commission checks that you were promised when you started…  Maybe then you will learn to pay yourself first by using the techniques that CCN Affiliates apply in the Millionaire Maker.

No, it’s not luck.  This isn’t about playing in the lottery, or gambling your money away!  In the Millionaire Maker you’re really going to change your thinking about business.

It’s not that success is only for someone else anymore.  CCN Affiliates certainly do offer great products and excellent services, which you will even enjoy yourself, but also offer tremendous opportunities to earn huge incomes in a very short time if you apply the principles of success it teaches every day…  It offers the chance to play with the professionals even if you’re an amateur...  You will learn the "insider secrets" that professionals apply so effectively in developing affiliate markets for income by literally adding hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundreds of thousands,  — even millions of potential recruits to your business! — in a matter of weeks...  You do not have to wait months or years to earn daily income, as you will see this business works!

Won’t you be happy to eventually get your hands on business secrets that actually work?!  PLUS, you'll have at your side excellent mentors and proprietary business systems that will recruit new prospects for you. You will find new members who are willing to buy your products and services while multiplying your own business and reproducing your successful strategies.   You have the power to grow unlimited down lines and earn many commission checks with thousands of eager members just like you!  Your business will grow and grow and grow beyond anything you might have conceived before you started!  At that point you will be able to retire quietly.

How To Recruit Your Way To Millions

"Want To Learn How To Apply Revolutionary MLM Recruiting Secrets That Cause Hoards Of Prospects Begging To Join Your Downline?"

Start banking literally thousands at a staggering rate you would never have believed possible. Wouldn't that be great? Sure, it would.

I am willing to show you how you can multiply your network marketing income at such an accelerated rate that may get you earning upwards to a million dollars by the end of the year!

You read it right... A monstrous $1,000,000.00 bucks!

Listen up, because you're in for the ride of your networking life!

How Can YOU Make Millions of Dollars While Most Other Network Marketers continue to apply the same old techniques that are making themselves nothing?

"This is nothing like you’ve ever seen before you read about the Millionaire Maker…  If you want to earn a million dollars by applying these revolutionary techniques to affiliate markets, you will have an unstoppable wave of new prospects pouring money into your business venture.  You will see innumerable prospects joining your membership and starting business of their own – and it will go on without stopping!"

Banks will literally love your business, because you will be receiving daily income from a thousand sources at an ever increasing rate that you would have never believed possible at first.  Isn’t that great?  It’s more than great.

If you’re willing to learn, then CCN is willing to show you how these techniques work, so that you can apply them in your own business.  You will be able receive 100% of the commissions  free and clear.  But you have to be willing to apply these marketing techniques and affiliate secrets to multiply your daily income at such an accelerated rate - more than a million dollars by years end!

It may seem hard to believe, but this serious business.  And you have to calculate your earnings…  The correct sum amounts to ... A Large Figure, $1,000,000.00 Dollars!

You have to get started right away, because every day you’re losing money that you should have earned a long time ago, if it weren’t for the fact that you were distracted, taken to the cleaners by others.  So, at this point, you need to give this opportunity your complete attention, and apply these principles with no hesitation…  Be prepared for an adventure like no white water rafting could provide!

It’s easy to see that some people are digging in a garbage dump while a gold mine is nearby…  Now you have heard all the qualifiers and outrageous statements you care to hear.  But what qualifies us to make these true statements about potential income is that we’re doing it ourselves to the tune of millions in huge markets that are generating billions even trillions of dollars of revenue daily, annually, week in and week out…  So, what are you waiting for?  Perhaps, to make that bold first step toward making residual income…

While it’s no secret that a lot of millionaires are being made on the Internet, it is not common knowledge how they do it.  You would be surprised to know that it’s easier than you think, however unconventional.  Although the subject of making a million dollars is becoming more popular in the media, few people even take the first step in that direction.  There is obviously so much competition that one wonders how you can make any money at all.  And network marketing seems so tough and abstract that one becomes discouraged by the prospect of working fruitlessly without the prospect of making any money at all.  Many of you have worked trying to make a business venture succeed without identifying your core target market! The possibility of making a significant income seemed out of reach.  It’s not about hitting the lottery.  Which of course only a tiny number of people do.  It’s about earning daily income -  residual amounts that keep on coming long after we have stopped working at it in the office.

It’s not about giving your time to an employer or your money to an entrepreneur.  Nor is it about sinking your money in the bottomless pit of the investment market.  We have the finest products with the best companies around the country.  And we are proud to say that we’re part of that small number of people who have actually made a million dollars.   We are willing to share those secrets with you today.  So, let’s get started, shall we? Put your doubts behind you.

This is not an investment that you have no control of.  Nor is it an item that you can never pay off!  It’s not an expense like a car or a house…  In fact, you don’t need to have a PhD in business or science to learn the techniques that we will show you here.  You need no great skill.  While it’s easier than you think, it’s not impossible that you will be up here with the rest of those making a million sooner than you think.  This program will show you exactly how to do it.

You will be able to join others at the top income levels of the network marketing field.  How will you do it? It's So Easy, That Anyone Can Do It!

An Internet Millionaire once said,

“If you are looking for good, strong, successful networking techniques , ask an established expert already making tons of money .

Get together with a distinguished expert, and ask him or her how they did it .

Not just the usual conversation or interview, but hit them with a series of deep-probing, brain-picking questions that literally squeeze out every last secret, tip and step they use to take them personally to the top...

... And then, do it all for yourself!”   

Fred P. Stege, Author
Recruit Your Way to Millions!

      Well, here’s your chance to ‘Make A Million’ with CCN Affiliates.  Now, don’t lose sight of what your goal is here:  A Million.

You will be surprised to learn that these Millionaires are more than willing to teach you their successful techniques and strategies to make a million, and they won’t hesitate to tell you the truth.  You don’t have to wait any longer…

In the e-book, "How To Start Earning Millions," you will find secrets revealed by Millionaires who are still putting them into practice.  They will tell you step by step how to employ these tactics for your benefit

.  It's an exciting e-book which will lead you in a new direction, a book with powerful programs from highly professional business experts that offer quantifiable solutios with state of the art technology for building your contact list, developing your own business, and making residual income with automated systems

  • These revelations with step by step instructions will show you how to recruit millions of affiliates in your business.  In a minute you will learn in complete detail all of the particulars...  These are jealously guarded secrets and previously undisclosed business management procedures for growing corporate business with superior results.
  • Learn how to build computer systems, connect to the Internet, setup your own domain.  Everything you need to know about websites.  Learn about setting up order pages online and making sales with automatically.  You will be  closing deals like never  before  — This means building business faster and better than you dreamed possible, with more prospects, more sales, and more business.  These extrordinary  business  plans will be at your  fingertips!
  • You need to know these insider marketing strategies.  These are not extravagant tips or hints, but exclusive, proprietary rights by Millionaires with patents and ground breaking technology...  Unknown to most network marketers finding these instrument will be like selling hit records!  It will almost be like sponsoring "grammy award winners," even if you didn't know music.  You will see how easy it is to enroll new recruits without programming skills, or sales experience, or even basic computer knowledge.  If you can answer a phone, you can do this!
  • Let our systems build for you excellent marketing programs, make sales for you, and build leaders in your downline, too.  These First Class, cutting-edge techniques of accomplished leaders in the field of technology, marketing, business, and education will help you to develop your business into a money making machine with able recruits who will work hard for you to build massive downlines.   Without a  doubt these are the best business systems available.
  • State of the Art recruitment techniques that are not only responsible for buildng your business like never before in the past, but also will continue to build it while you are away, or sleeping, or vacation, or even playing on the golf course...  These systems generate income in to huge fortunes for those millionaires who are the privileged few.  Apply the their techniques.  This is not about perfection, either, what you learn will seem like common sense when your realize how it works!  Don't even hesitate!

You CAN Have Multiple Businesses with New, Highly Motivated Recruits In The Millions Virally Building For YOU An Instant Cash Flow With Residual Income in Weeks, not Months, or Years!   

It's important that you learn the right way of marketing your business globally.  These are serious goals when you consider making a million in actuality.  Not for the weak at heart.  Nor the dilettantes or the millionire wannabees .  We realize this program is not for  everyone.  (After all 95%  percent of  people, and we don't have the ability to  change  their  decisions, either.

Success in business is not about ' just getting by'...  You have to look at yourself, and consider seriously whether you want to be a real success.  Then, if you do, you will take the chance.  It's insignificant in comparison to the rewards you will receive from this e-book.  If you want reliable information about how to make a million with the help of millionaires, then get this e-book today by ordering it with the easy to use form below...  Demand the best by doing it today .

How many people do you know who are willing to share with your their insider secrets to earning a million.  CCN Affiliates are available around the clock to help you setup your business, operate it automatically, and get unsurupassed results from you marketing efforts.  We will share with you in detail everything you need to know about websites, successful online business promotion, and business develop in affiliate markets that have made millionaires throughout the years.  You will see how we have  made absolute tons of money very fast.

You're a phone call away from consulting with a Millionaire who will help you build your business right away!  Gain advantage of experienced top marketing performers in the industry to create an avalanches of recruiters in your business downlines.  Use their s imple, exclusive profit factories to duplicate your business many times .

You can have highly expert professionals recruit all your trainees while you benefit from the results.  They will train them, develop them into high powered business associates who will network your business to every corner of the market...  duplicating your efforts beyond even your reach.  Shortly, you will join the exclusive Millionaires Club!

This will not only give you the benefit of their extensive experience in business and network marketing, but also develop your recruits and their business, so that your residual income keeps on growing.  It will be like applying a rocket booster to your business, so that it takes off into the upper stratosphere.  Now, there is alot of drag in the business world, really competitive markets, but you will see yourself pass through these obstacles almost effortlessly.  It will be like orbiting in space.  After the initial take off your business will be weightless!  Build your own d ownlines, and increase your own wealth fast! 

It's easy. And it's yours for the taking today. In minutes you can have it.  NOW .

"It Does Work! I'm Living The Proof... With Close to a Quarter Of a Million People In My Team Recruited In Less Than Two Years!"
Fred P. Stege, Author
Recruit Your Way to Millions!

In early 2001, I started applying this new set of refined techniques, which I reveal in my "tell-all" book. When I started, I had nothing. No downlines. No prospects.

And by the end of 2002 (less than a year and a half), I’d already built a dream team consisting of 211,000 people — a staggering salesforce moving millions!

Not only had I succeeded with my techniques, but I also succeeded in developing a set of DUPLICATABLE skills anyone can use to build their own downlines blazingly fast!

I mean, it’s absolutely impossible to build a 211,000-strong network within this short timeframe without fast and accurate duplication!

Since that time, I also refined my techniques, tweaked my tactics and tested new breakthroughs. So YOUR chances of building a bigger network faster are incredibly higher!

Easy-to-Duplicate, Battle-Tested Techniques That Offer You The Ability to Create Unrivalled Wealth For YOU In Just Days!

You get step-by-step, proven psychological "stealth recruiting tactics" that multiply your network almost overnight... Double, triple or even quadruple your current income!

Heck, you'll be able to multiply your income exponentially!

In a nutshell, here's what you'll learn with my book...

  • How to create a steady stream of "handpicked," carefully targeted prospects — almost on demand! — and get them enrolled into your opportunity!

  • How to convert these pre-sold prospects into loyal, highly motivated, wealth-generating distributors — and get them kickstarted into immediate action!

  • How to excite and energize new distributors into actively sponsoring others for you, and have them duplicate their efforts easily, over and over again, non-stop!


I’ll Even Share With You Proven, Previously Unrevealed (And Highly Controversial) Psychological Enrollment Tactics. (You'll Be Stacking a Mountain-Sized Downline In No Time!)

My all new book “Recruit Your Way To Millions” teaches you in very simple lessons that are immensely potent. Here's a brief look at what you'll learn...


How to lure in a never-ending flow of prospects with time-tested MLM "secret weapons" — tools and tricks that will make even the most skeptical and doubtful of prospects instantly desire your opportunity.
How to mesmerize your potential recruits into submission with powerfully hypnotic key words and phrases — in fact, they'll want it so badly that they will have no option but to shut up, listen and ENROLL!
How to easily duplicate your high-yielding prospecting and recruiting activities, which will grow your business by titanic amounts in record speed.
How to recruit with veteran-like authority (online or offline, it doesn't matter) — this one skill alone is a rare commodity that's worth ten times the price of this book... In fact, for you it can translate into thousands of dollars!
How to avoid failure like the plague when you fully and readily understand why so many network marketers will ALWAYS fail, no matter what.
How to learn from the continual mistakes MLM failures make and avoid ongoing losses — this can save you money and shiploads of wasted hours!
How to take advantage of a unique, cutting-edge technique that's readily available (but unknown to many) that shows you, every time and without fail, how to beat the odds and succeed massively, even in a sluggish economy!
How to identify, utilize and appeal to the 4 major prospect personality types using powerful NLP (i.e., "neuro-linguistic programming") techniques.
How to use these coveted, scientific NLP techniques to talk more persuasively — or write more irresistibly — to your prospects in a way that that drives them bonkers, clamoring for more in minutes!
How to maximize the power of "Mind Control" using 4 "red-hot triggers," using psychological 'hidden' motivators that will excite your prospects, get them to your enrollment form in a snap and get them signed up quick!
How to discover the agony your prospects live in and turn this pain into eager and excited distributors — in fact, arm yourself with this understanding alone, and it will make you and your organization bullet-proof!
How to be alert to the most critical condition to success — including its most seductive pitfall — and how, if you fail this test, your network will eventually crash and burn no matter what else you come up with.
What EXACT words you should use to get their attention, build their interest, increase their desire and drive them into action — specific key words and phrases that will drive prospects itching with curiosity!
How to use those words so what, when you're done with them, they wouldn't dream of breaking any recruiting effort you take, including any conference call, website tour or even a face-to-face appointment with you!
What's the actual "lifeforce" of your business — in fact, if you ignore this critical aspect your business will most certainly fall into chapter 11!
  ... And there's even more!

A Proven, Mind-Numbing, Easy-to-Follow System That Could Easily Transform YOUR Life! Work Less, Make More And Play More!

After studying and using my dynamic, up-to-the-minute MLM recruiting secrets, your personal struggle and slog will be over and done with. Period.

No more feeling frazzled or giving up your entire life working on your downline, just to reach some kind of MLM success. Or no more having lousy $100 or even $1,000 commission checks trickle in.

Being a low earner and hard worker will be history!

Instead, I openly share with you frontline tactics that have propelled me and a handful of other networkers into the million-dollar level.

Read. Learn. Practice. And then see how your newfound prospecting and recruiting skills will lead you finally to MLM success — and do so faster than you ever imagined possible!

You Might Be Asking, "If They Are 'Secrets', Then Why Am I Disclosing Them?" Here Are Four No-Nonsense Reasons...

I promise you that ALL these skills can be easily learned, and they're proven to work 100%. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are financially and what you promote.

Whether you are an online or offline networker... Regardless of your background or current level of sales skills... Whether you have contacts, friends or family...

Simply put, the kind of stuff you will be reading about, if practiced, will get you to where YOU want to be in a shorter period of time than ever.

And there are valid reasons why I'm sharing them with you...


Honest truth? Sure, I make money selling this information... But my first love is networking, and my time is better spent on working my business and finding (and refining) breakthrough prospecting and recruiting techniques.

You see, I mentor people constantly, especially within my organization... Instead of dealing with a continual barrage of "how-can-I-do-it-too" questions, I now simply refer people to this breakthrough manual.

2. I share these techniques because of the dependability and sound science of duplicability! Once grasped, these skills and tools can be used over and over again, without fail! (What a time-saver for both myself and others!)


I offer up these "secrets" particularly because of the lack of knowledge within MLM... My system hits this head-on and fills the gap — I want to reduce the "bake and flake" factor (high turnover and inertia) in MLM, which is appalling.

And finally, I reveal this "technology" because I've seen way too many "dead bodies" in this industry that it makes me sick. This book came about as a result of failure after failure... And goodness knows I'm not alone!

But I've personally taken my failure, turned it on its back and paved a path for thousands of 21st century networkers just like YOU that make money like there's no tomorrow. I want to prove to you that MLM is incredibly profitable!

The truly motivated ones will devour this information and go on to succeed. And the rest won’t have any excuse left!

That's fine, because it gives me more time to spend with my leaders.

Finally, How Much Does My Breakthrough System Cost?

Here's why it actually won’t cost you a SINGLE dime!

First of all, understand that you need to master them once only...

You only have to master these principles once. Once you’ve learned and applied the contents of this book, the knowledge will be yours forever.

When you have this knowledge embedded in your brain and heart, no one will be able to stop you. All the tips and tricks you will learn will become second nature to you!

Let me be totally blunt with you. If your downline...

  • Is slower than the average snail...

  • Has as much life as a car with no engine...

  • Grows as fast as a tree in the middle of winter... 
"Want to Learn How To Stop Being a Puny $100-a-Month (Or Even a $2,000-a-Month) MLM Networker, And Hit Millions Annually Very Quickly! Here's How..."

... You should be reading and applying my unique, rocket-powered strategies! Once you do, you'll be able to kick your downline — and your income! — into high gear fast!

But how much would you invest in learning specific strategies and techniques that can literally make you $1,000, $10,000 or even $100,000 more a month?

How much would learning how to have that kind of income be worth to you?

$1,000? $500? How about $97? Well, here's the deal...

I am offering you tips backed by a proven track record using a highly acclaimed, turnkey recruiting concept that is currently (in 2005) building one of the largest networking organizations today!

The cost?  Only $27.97!

Order Now For Just 

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To your success,
Fred Stege
Fred P. Stege, Author
Recruit Your Way to Millions!

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