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I'll Show You How To Make
$58,116.00 a Month Online!

Earning $1000-$3000 A Day Is
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With this brand new marketing system, even beginners are successful.

People who have never made money on the internet are making thousands of dollars using our secret marketing weapon!

This is Not Jag, Coastal, PI, LLI, Emerald or some lotion, potion, pill or miracle formula... keep reading to see why...

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Because I've tried them all and a whole lot more. I've had my own store, I've been in 3 different juice companies, I've sold vitamins, lotions, potions and pills, I've been in  4 different travel companies, a web hosting company, a tech support company, a jewelry company and even a company that had NO PRODUCTS. I was always looking for an chance to get rich. I thought if I could get in early, that I would make a ton of money. The problem is these companies don't work. The company is the only one getting rich. Pay attention, here comes the really good stuff!!!

I know most people have a hard time scraping up money to join an opportunity. That's why their looking for one. So now, take Coastal, Emerald, Liberty or Jag, that cost between $1300-$11,000 to join. It takes a ton of prospects to find even one that's willing to invest that much money. It took me over 600 prospects to make my first sale. Most people don't have that kind of marketing budget.

Now lets look at a typical MLM company. They usually sell overpriced lotions, potions, pills, juices or miracle formula that stockpiles in your garage. They cost $150 to$250 to join. It takes a ton of traffic, roughly about 200 clicks, to sell one of those products. The problem is most of "those" companies only pay $15 to $50 per sale. Or even worse, you need 3 on your left and 3 on your right before you can even qualify for a commission. That's crazy! Most people will go broke before they make a dime!


After tons of testing, I've found that if a person is serious about making money on the internet, they have $300 to $1000 to invest in a business. I've also found that the price threshold is $1000. This means that EDC and EDC Gold is perfectly priced because everyone can afford it and the payout is large enough so anyone can make a huge profit.

When I started marketing EDC, my income went through the roof. It pays out $300 to $1000 per transaction and it is highly leveraged. Read on......

  • Let me show you how to make $1000 to $3000 a day?

  • Be personally trained how to become a Top Income Earner!

  • You'll be mentored, coached and trained every step of the way!

  • You'll have access to the exact same system I use to make $58,116.00 per month!

  • Using my secret marketing system, you'll have the latest technology working for you, so you don't have to.

  • We'll drive quality traffic to your marketing page that does 99% of the selling and closing for you.

  •  It is totally on auto pilot and generates massive income that is paid daily

  • All I recommend you do, is plug in, follow the simple steps and be yourself!

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After many years of  successful marketing, I've learned what works and what doesn't work. I know that jumping from program to program to find the latest trend just won't work! We call them program hoppers and they usually burn all their bridges and eventually end up broke as well. I just had one call me and ask me for a job. NOT!!!! We know that unless you are making at least 75% of the profit, you don't have a chance to succeed.  Listen to what I've learned over the years.

Why I Don't Like MLM

High Ticket Programs

The Price Threshold

Why Most People Fail

Why Does This Program Work?

Find out how we created a system that is making everyday people extremely successful.

Every 2 Seconds another person joins the Internet Community!
Every 11 Seconds another person starts a Home-based Business

Are you ready to change your life?

You Get The Exact System That Made Me $58,116.00 in 30 days!


The Solution

The solution is my secret marketing system combined with the #1 program on the internet,   EDC and EDC Gold.

First, you will have access to my secret marketing system that will flood your site with high quality prospects.

Second, once they get there, they will join, because you have a marketing site that converts. When they see it, you can capture a large portion of the people looking for something better because you offer an  A, B and C solution. Making it easy for anyone to join you.

Third, you get paid large chunks of cash that puts a profit back into your pocket. Isn't that why you are here in the first place?

With the three options below and my marketing system,
making 10k to 30k a month is not only obtainable, but easy.

One Program... Three Levels to choose...
and they are all worldwide!

People are joining from all over the world.
You'll never run out of people looking to make more money.

For Complete Program Features

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Receive Cash Daily


Option 1:  $3 Program To Start Piling Up Easy Daily Cash Like Gold

Earn Easy Daily Cash

If you want to earn a few thousand a week or a few hundred a day,  this program is for you. This is the kind of program that will change your lifestyle overnight. I'm currently averaging 3-4 sales per day with Just $3. Remember I'm going to show you how to mimic those results. How much would your lifestyle change by getting multiple payments of $997 a day when you leverage your $3 cash flows in due time? If your serious about earning a lot of money fast EDC Gold with $3 should be your only choice to get started on a shoestring budget!.

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Option 2: Easy Daily Cash

Earn Easy Daily Cash

If you can not afford EDC Gold don't feel bad. Jump into Easy Daily Cash. If there is a way to do Gold you need to start there.

At $297, Easy Daily Cash is a program for the masses. It's so affordable anyone can do it. Because of the affordability anyone who's tight on money but really want to see $1500-$6000 a week coming in joins this.

Note: (This program is included with EDC Gold.)

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Option 3: Build Your New Fortune With Big Blue Surf

Earn Easy Daily Cash

At this point you may realize the importance of setting financial goals to realize your dreams! The Big Blue Surf is great for people who have high income goals and need a really big financial change at the lowest cost.

You will earn as much as $3,000 on each sale and believe me due to the high participation rate, these add up to a mountain of wealth. It's very easy to earn many thousdand dollars with this. Remember it takes just as much work to market a lower cost program as it will a higher dollar one. And this is still easy!

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